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The Hidden Treasures of Mauritius, ALL INCLUSIVE

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Blue as far as the eyes can see! That’s the overwhelming feeling you will get!

The wildest and most beautiful landscapes of Mauritius are hidden! On this South East tour, we will show you sandy beaches bordered by cliffs and carved by waves, rocky shores, sugar cane fields, waterfalls and mountainous terrains offering magnificent panoramas.


  • Explore the bright blue waters of Eau Bleu Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the Island.
  • Witness the Natural Bridge at ‘Pont Naturel, formed from volcanic rock millions of years ago.
  • Enjoy the amazing views at le Souffleur, a magnificent untouched raw side of the island.
  • Visit Tookay, a charming colorful temple hidden in the middle of the sugar cane fields of Britannia.
  • Enjoy a Typical Mauritian lunch with a view of the rocky coastline at Andrea Lodge.
  • Stop to admire the breathtaking views at Gris Gris & La Roche Qui Pleure
  • Discover another majestic waterfall, hidden somewhere within the Savanne district in the south.


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Eau Bleu Waterfall
Eau Bleu Waterfall

Our first stop will be at Eau Bleu Waterfall located on the central plateau of the Island. Relish the curious effects the light plays on your eyes, giving the body of water a blue like appearance. The azure colours coupled with the calm and soothing sounds of the waterfall, gives this ‘secret’ little pocket of nature a near heaven like atmosphere.

Pont Naturel
Pont Naturel

Our next stop will be the Natural Bridge located on the rocky south coast of the island. This hidden gem is waiting to be explored! Formed from volcanic rock millions of years ago, the bridge is surrounded by a rocky coastline where huge waves crash against the rocks, forming white foam in the blue waters.

Get your camera ready for some Instagram pictures with the mesmerizing views this place has to offer.

Le Souffleur
Le Souffleur

Based in the Savannah Sugar Estate in the south, Le Souffleur is yet another amazing natural phenomenon occurring on the southern coast of the island. When the seas are rough and the waves extremely strong, they crash into the rock formation at “Le Souffleur” and pass through tiny holes from which they emerge with extreme force as the water rises to heights up to 20 m.

Tookay Temple
Tookay Temple

We will stop over and visit the charming temple hidden in the middle of the sugar cane fields of Britannia. The colorful temple is dedicated to Lord Amma Tookay and is mostly worshiped by a huge number of believers on the island for thriving and great well-being. The temple is dated back to the arrival of the indentured laborers who were brought to the island in the 18th century. It is still carefully preserved, reflecting the rich history and culture of Mauritius.

Lunch at Andrea Lodge
Lunch at Andrea Lodge

Enjoy lunch with a view at Andrea Lodge

Gris Gris Cliffs & Beach
Gris Gris Cliffs & Beach

The southernmost beach of Mauritius, Gris Gris, is far from the habitual white sandy ones with a calm blue lagoon but is still magnificent albeit in a different manner. Instead of white sand, you are greeted by a rocky cliff which descends steeply into the rough sea where huge waves are king. The absence of coral reef in this part of the island means the ocean waves reach the coast undisturbed, with all their might.

Take a stroll along the cliffs as you watch the waves crash and send showers of water. On the furthest right end of the cliff, you are offered a panoramic view of the cliffs and waves dancing violently off them.

La Roche Qui Pleure
La Roche Qui Pleure

Literally translated into the weeping rock, La Roche Qui Pleure is an extremely popular natural phenomenon which occurs along the coast of Gris Gris. The lack of coral reefs resulting in the strong oceanic waves reaching the coast undisturbed is the root cause of this phenomenon. The huge waves hit the rocks in such a way, that the remaining water flowing down produces a tear like apparition on the rocks, hence the name ‘Weeping Rock’.

Rochester Falls
Rochester Falls

Discover the spectacular 33-foot waterfall with multiple cascading falls hidden in the region of Souillac. The falls draws its charm into the Savanne River and with its magnificent rectangular rock, Rochester is famed as the widest fall on the island at an elevation of 152 meters above sea level.

The best feature of Rochester Falls is the ability for visitors to experience the falls from the front, bottom, side, and top! Refresh yourself with cool coconut water and unwind in the idyllic atmosphere surrounded with greenery and sugar cane plantation. If you are lucky, you will be amazed to see the locals dive into the water.


  • Private SUV Transportation
  • Clean & Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Experienced Chauffeur Guide
  • Pick Up & Drop off to any hotels / Apartments
  • Complimentary Water Bottle (500 Ml Per Person)
  • Lunch | Andrea Lodge
  • Soft Drinks during Lunch ( 1 Bottle Per Person)
  • Alcohol Beverages

Tour's Location


Where will be the departure point for this tour?
Unwind Mauritius offers Pick up from any locations in Mauritius. You will have the option to update your hotel/Address on the booking page and our chauffeur guide will pick you up from your location on the chosen date.
What time does this tour start?
The Pick-up time for this Tour will be at 08:30
What shall I wear on this Day Trip?
We recommend wearing casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes.
What shall I bring?
- Sunglasses
- Sun Hat
- Sunscreen
- Mosquito Repellent
- You may also bring a short/Bikini and a towel just in case you want to have a swim at Eau Bleu Waterfall.


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