Rent a car & explore the island

A beautiful trip starts with some good planning. If you are looking to make the most of your holiday time, choose to rent a car. Doing so will give you a lot of comfort and freedom. It is something that returning visitors and road trip lovers know very well. Having your rental car avoids the need to wait for pigeonhole hotel tours and expensive taxi costs.In addition to touring the beautiful coastal roads, stopping when and where you feel like or have the option to stay a little longer to enjoy a beautiful sunset, car rental in Mauritius is really affordable. Add to it the low cost of fuel and a good road network of more than 2 066 km that covers all beaches and tourist attractions, you got the perfect way of moving around on a tropical island.As you will soon discover, many things to do in Mauritius are free. You just need to reach there. So, although not really an activity, car rental will help you enjoy the remaining of this list. At Unwind Mauritius, we deliver and collect your car at your preferred location too.

Helicopter tour above the undersea waterfall

A helicopter tour is a fantastic experience to try anywhere in the world. But, it is exceptional here in Mauritius. Welcome aboard one of the greatest rides of Mauritius, a helicopter tour above the undersea waterfall.Be it a family outing or a romantic getaway, a helicopter tour is a must for everyone visiting Mauritius. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled scenic marvels of the south-western coast. Le Morne Brabant, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO guards the tip of it. The region is home to one of the most intriguing optical illusions nature has ever created; an undersea waterfall. This unique seascape can only be seen from above.Our Mauritius underwater waterfall helicopter ride starts at €305. Get ready to fly over dazzling seascapes like:Bel Ombre | Baie du Cap | Underwater waterfall | Le Morne Brabant | Ile aux Bénitiers | 7 colored earth of Chamarel and more.

Get immersed in Port Louis

The capital city of Mauritius is awashed with spectacular colonial buildings and religious monuments beautifully portraying the rich historical and cultural values of the island.The city has it all, from old roads to a modern waterfront with numerous shops and facilities, Port Louis is a charming place to get lost in. There is something new to discover in every turn. Here are some of our favourites:The Central MarketExperience local life in Mauritius at its purest. The colourful items laid on the stalls by the sellers on one side of the market and on the other local fruits and vegetables, all of which are grown and tended to on Mauritian soil. The Central Market of Port Louis is also a perfect place for you to select handicraft items made by the local artists to take back home as a souvenir.The Blue Penny MuseumEstablished in 2001 by the Mauritius Commercial Bank, a visit to the blue penny museum will reveal a candid view of the past and the rich history of Mauritius. Famously housing the blue penny stamp and red penny stamp from the year 1847 which are of Mauritian origin itself but were lost before being brought back to the island by MCB for 2 million dollars in 1993. Furthermore, the Museum is also home to the famous Paul and Virginie statues.Citadel – Fort AdelaideFor the best view of the city of Port Louis, a visit to the Citadel is a must! The fort is situated at about 240 ft above sea level also offering dominating views over the champ de mars racecourse. Observe how the modern skyscrapers of the capital of the island blends with a few of the old preserved colonial buildings. Feast your eyes upon the huge cruise ships anchoring at the port, in the magnificent shimmering blue waters of the sea. At the edge of land, find the mighty 6 cylinder Moulin de la Concorde where local wheat is manufactured.Constructed in the years 1834 to 1840 under the British rule by William IV, Fort Adelaide is named after the Queen Adelaide. The entrance to the fort is free and it is strongly advised not to venture there alone, as the steps may sometimes prove treacherous.Champ de Mars RacecourseInaugurated in the year 1812 during the British rule, Champ de Mars was once a military training ground for French troops. The idea was for the English and then French. The idea was for the english and then french settlers to reconcile and it was considered by the Mauritius Turf Club that horse racing would be a good way to attain that.Horse racing occupies a very special place in both the present and the history of Mauritius attested by the fact that the Mauritius Turf Club is the second oldest horse racing club in the world. Visit Champ de Mars on a Saturday, which is a race day, to experience a magical atmosphere.Aapravasi Ghat UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe place of landing of the indian indentured labourers, this 1640m2 site is one of the most important cultural sites of the island. The indentured labourers were brought to the island by the British Colony during the years of 1834 to 1920 to work on the sugar cane fields. Today, these labourers are the ancestors of many population of the island.The Aapravasi Ghat was declared a World Heritage site in 2006 and is also home to a museum that showcases how life was for the labourers during the past.Le Caudan WaterfrontTake a stroll along the famous waterfront of Caudan and dine at state of the art restaurants as you gaze upon the beautiful waters and the majestic boats and ships docked alongside the harbour.Take a walk through the shopping arcade of Caudan and spend a few hours to shop the wide range of products from local artworks and clothes to popular international brands such as Adamas.


Well, maybe skydiving in Mauritius was not on your wishlist! But, what about a free falling dive from more than 10,000 feet in the air that will give you a unique feel with an amazing bird eye view of Mauritius? Tandem Skydive offer visitors a one in a lifetime experience which will leave you amazed and doing it Mauritius is like two dreams coming true! The adrenaline rush while boarding the plane, the euphoria preceding the jump and finally that feeling of utmost freedom of being at the height of clouds.Dare to live the incredible experience that offers a beautiful perspective of the island beneath you. It is a true festival of colors played by the lush vegetations, white sand and turquoise to Lapis Lazuli blue.Activity details: Upon arrival, you will be briefed by a professional team before wearing your jump suit.Next you board the skydive aircraft for a 25 minutes ballade to enjoy the stunning panorama.An exciting 30 seconds of freefall at nearly 200 km/h.Then your instructor opens the parachute for smooth canopy ride. You’ll have all the time to gaze at the rich sceneries from above.You can also opt for HD video and/or HD photos of your jump.

Island hopping to Ile aux Cerfs

L’ile aux Cerfs, one of the many uninhabited islands surrounding the mainland invites for ultimate relaxation and fun water-sports. The excursion usually starts early in the morning, when you set sail to this tropical paradise on a catamaran after a short stop at the GRSE waterfall.This daylong excursion seems to live up to the expectation of even the most demanding fun-seekers. Once you reach the island, it is a truly spectacular decor with turquoise lagoon, rare birds flying above and a tropical atmosphere. Numerous deserted white sand beaches add to the picture postcard look of this island.

Le Morne Brabant mountain climbing

Yes, it is the mountain you see in almost every video about Mauritius. Le Morne Brabant Peninsula is located at the tip of the south western coast on the downwind side of the island. Climbing this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-do activity even for non-trekkers. The view from the top dominates over the west coast of the Island and is something that should not be missed during your holidays on the Island.Le Morne Brabant is an extremely important cultural site for Mauritius as it is the mountain where many of the runaway slaves would hide. Due to the exploitation and suffering from their masters, they would brave the steep slopes to hide in the caves of the Mountain. A small society of marooned slaves was even formed during those times. When hunts were carried out by the masters and the slaves were cornered, their only option was to return back to their life of slaves and they choose to jump from the mountain to their death instead. In honour of the pain and cruelty experienced by the slaves on the Island, the mountain was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.This out and back trail spreads over 2 – 3 hours paving the same routes slaves took to make this majestic rock their refuge. The track to the nearest point to the summit is well-worn. However, if you are planning to trek to the top without a guide, caution should be exercised as you will have to use your hands and ropes at some sheers.


Mauritius is well known for its endless stretches of white sand, lukewarm lagoons and year-round sunny climate. But did you know that the island is also one of the top golf holiday destinations in the world? Yes indeed!! Golf enthusiasts will love the plethora of golf courses dotted across the islands.Many prestigious hotels in Mauritius offer world-class golf courses to their guests. From 9 holes basic golf courses to 18 holes international golf championship level, there is a golf course for everyone.Here are some of the most popular golf courses in Mauritius:Constance Belle Mare Plage Golf Course – 2 x 18 holes course (East coast)The Anahita Golf Course – an 18 hole golf course (South East Coast)Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club – an 18-hole Par 72 championship golf course (East Coast)Le Saint-Geran Golf Club – 18/9 Par 33 Golf Course (East Coast)Paradis Golf Club Course – an 18-hole Par 72 golf course – (South West Coast)Mont Choisy Le Golf – an 18 hole golf course (North Coast)Mont Choisy Golf Estate – a 9 hole golf course (North Coast)Le Golf du Château / Heritage Golf Club – an 18 hole golf course (South Coast)Golf World – a 9 hole golf course (north)Maritim Golf Club – a 9 hole golf course (north)


The island of Mauritius has preserved a natural coral reef where countless fish species and sea creatures coexist. Under the shallow turquoise water, multicolored caves act as a haven for this unique submarine wildlife.There is one easy and free way to admire this marine fauna and flora, you just have to snorkel. Right from the beach (or a few minutes by boat) you can snorkel in the placid lagoons to discover the amazing marine topography surrounding the island. But here are some of the most popular snorkeling spots in Mauritius:Blue Bay Marine ParkBalaclava Marine ParkIle aux FlamandsIle aux AigrettesPointe aux PimentsTrou aux BichesIle aux CerfsFlic en FlacIle aux BenitiersLe Morne

Explore hidden Waterfalls

Do you want us to reveal the island’s most hidden gems or need a non-touristy thing to do in Mauritius? It has got to be exploring one of the many hidden waterfalls. Many of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mauritius are located in the centre-south region but they are all over the place. A local would happily point you to the right direction if you are exploring on your own. Or click here to book a waterfall tour and our chauffeur will pick you up.With its lush interiors and tropical climate, relaxing in the natural pools is an activity no adventurer should miss in Mauritius. The water is so refreshing and the more venturesome souls will relish the cliff diving opportunities that come with tropical cascades.Here are some of the best waterfalls on the island:Chamarel FallsRochester FallsThe 7 waterfallsEau Bleue WaterfallAlexandra FallsExil FallsTamarind FallsGrand River South East WaterfallEureka FallsCascade de 500 pieds

Deep sea fishing

Surrounded by the immensity of the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius is a world-class deep sea fishing destination. The warm waters surrounding the islands make the ideal hunting playground for numerous pelagic fish species. Anglers and fishing enthusiasts should be ready to fight against some of the greatest marine predators such as Yellowfin and Dogtooth Tuna, Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Wahoo, Black and Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Bonito, Shark species, Giant Trevally and many more.Numerous Deep Sea Fishing clubs are scattered in popular coastal regions. This activity lasts for half or full day and is usually charged by boat for a defined group of persons. So, non-anglers can also get onboard and enjoy the scenic views of the sea and the smaller islands located off the coast. A great opportunity to enjoy a day of sailing and witness the thrills.

Walk with lions

If you always dreamed to observe, walk or pet wild cats, Mauritius is the best place to experience it. Casela World of Adventures, located on the west coast of the island offers visitors this unique opportunity. This beautiful nature park spreads over a surface of 250 hectares is home to numerous adventures and activities.One of the most popular things to do at Casela is the interaction with big cats. The park is home to a large number of Lions, Caracals & Cheetahs and under the careful supervision of expert lions’ handlers, you will have the chance to spend a memorable time with these impressive animals. You can observe them play, lead a walk, pet them and even pose for a souvenir photo.You should definitely try this hair-raising, pleasant, and a once in-a-lifetime experience during your holidays. To best plan your day, our tour expert recommends to go swim with dolphins in the morning and walk with the lions in the evening.

Seaplane Tour

To contemplate the most beautiful view of the island, we would recommend you to experience a seaplane tour in Mauritius. Seeing the spectacular landscapes from the north to the east of the island from a two-seater seaplane is one experience you will never forget. Seeing the spectacular landscapes from the north to the east of the island from a two-seater seaplane is one experience you will never forget.Take off from the warm turquoise water of Grand Gaube and fly above the lush vegetation, between valleys and mountains, sugar cane fields, magnificent beaches, nature reserves, the coral reef en route to the paradise island of Ile aux Cerfs. The seaplane tour can last for 25 – 60 minutes. Don’t forget to bring your wide-angle camera to capture some exclusive holiday photos and videos.

Swim with dolphins

Tamarin Bay is home to the colonies of wild dolphins and numerous species come to play and rest during the day. Swim with the dolphins is a year round activity and visitors can watch the magnificent animal in their natural habitat and even have the opportunity to swim with them. The adventurous boat excursion usually departs early morning from Riviere Noire jetty.After a quick continental breakfast followed by a short briefing from the skipper or captain, be ready to set sail for a beautiful trip within the picturesque bay of Tamarin. The clear waters of the west coast, allows you to see the dolphins easily from a distance and very often the dolphins shoals will remain in the same spot for a long time. When optimal distance and conditions are met, you will be provided with snorkeling equipment so you can immerse yourself in their world. You will have the opportunity to swim up close or simply watch them spin and play. If you are lucky, you can even marvel at a baby dolphins playing with their mother, revealing a true experience.You can swim with them, watch them spin and play. If you are lucky, you can even marvel at baby dolphins playing with their mother, a true experience.Good to know: Good to know: This activity should be done in total respect of the animal and its environment. Unfortunately, some tour operators chase the dolphins leading to a tendency of disrupting the natural behaviour of the animal.Dolphins enter the bay frequently. They are the type of animals that are naturally friendly and curious. You will not need to get really up close to them on a boat as they will come to you on their own. If you choose book this tour outside of Unwind Mauritius website, we would kindly request you to choose an animal-friendly tour operator.

Hiking and Trekking

The best way to discover the lush interiors of Mauritius is by foot. Our volcanic island offers countless trekking opportunities in the valleys, mountains, nature parks and reserves. The most famous place for this activity has to be hiking the 7 waterfalls at the Black River Gorges National Park. The largest park of the island offers hiking trails for all levels to discover the large rainforest which is home to the rarest fauna and flora.To discover the raw nature and stunning viewpoints, here is our list of famous hikes in Mauritius:Pieter Both PeakChamarel Waterfall HikingLe Pouce MountainMaccabée Forest TrailKestrel Valley de FerneyBras d’Eau National ParkLa Nicoliere ReservePiton de la Petite Rivière NoireBlack River Gorges National ParkLe Morne BrabantEau Bleue Waterfall HikeTamarind Falls Hike


How about an afternoon of parasailing over crystal clear water? Parasailing is a famous activity for tourists and locals alike. With the tropical climate, parasailing can be done at any time of the year.Some the hotels on the Island offer parasailing activity as an add-on on their catamaran and boat excursions. Parasailing is best experienced on a full day island hopping excursions and can purchase directly from the beaches as an add-on. The most popular beaches for parasailing are Mont Choisy | Grand Baie | Flic en Flac | Belle MareParasailing and other watersports are also included in our catamaran excursion to Ile aux Cerfs.


Even more popular than parasailing, tube-riding activities can be done on practically any popular beach of Mauritius. It is fun and one of the best things to do for the adrenaline junkies out there.The feeling of being dragged by a speedboat for a bumpy, water-splashing ride will indulge the speed demon in you. Get ready for some extreme jumps, swirls and bounces.This action-packed ride usually lasts for around 10 minutes in the beautiful lagoon of Trou d’Eau Douce. We offer this activity as part of an all inclusive excursion.


With is heavenly beaches and top-notch hospitality, Mauritius is one of the best couple-friendly destinations in the world. The all-year-round warm tropical climate, favourable jet lag and a large selection of exotic resorts make the idyll setting for an unforgettable  honeymoon experience.Newlyweds and honeymooners will definitely want to enjoy the special treats offered by the romantic hotels in Mauritius. Numerous romantic activities like beach horse riding, bird-eye helicopter rides, shopping tours and places to see like the Red Roof Church of Cap Malheureux or SSR Botanical garden of Pamplemousses add to the already lovey-dovey atmosphere of Mauritius.

Beach Horse Riding

Explore on horseback the unique and beautiful lagoons surrounding the island of Mauritius. Our Horse-Riding tour in Mauritius is a popular activity for kids, couples and equestrians visiting the island.This riding tour takes you to the discovery of abandoned coves and lush nature over 25. kilometres on the beaches of Riambel, which definitely is one of the most immaculate stretches of sand the southern region has to offer. After the ride, you also get a chance to swim with horses.

Duty-free Shopping

Mauritius is also known as a Duty-Free Paradise which offers beneficial shopping experience to all visitors. From unique souvenirs to luxurious clothing brands and jewelries, you are sure to enjoy a memorable shopping experience.With our Duty-Free Shopping tour in Mauritius, you enjoy a tax-free shopping journey with over 1000 untaxed outlets from renowned brands. You benefit up to 15% Vat refund on all your purchases during your holiday time on the island.

Sea Bob

A thrilling moment for your holiday in Mauritius. Embark on a stimulating sea Bob adventure to enjoy some awe-inspiring sceneries the Indian Ocean has to offer. This is a great activity for the whole family as it is safe and fun at the same time. One sea Bob can accommodate 1 person only.If you ever wanted to try Jet-Ski, this is the closest you can get and in the comfort and safety of your sea bob. If you are looking for a sensational thing to do in Mauritius or an adventurous day, then look no further, this activity will get you out of your comfort zone in one minute.


Experience the joyfulness of flying from one valley to the other while enjoying beautiful views over the rich nature parks in Mauritius. This adventure combines speed and impressive heights which are sure to make your heart race, adrenaline levels spike and pupils dilate as you watch yourself being transported at teeth crunching speeds over the marvelous valleys.As a matter of fact, La Vallee des Couleurs has a zipline of nearly 1.5 kilometre long, which makes it the longest zipline of the Indian Ocean and the 3rd longest in the world. Zipline or locally known as Tyrolienne can be done from the age of 4 years, making a great thing to do with kids. Zipline can be done in one of the following parks:Casela Nature Park | Chazal Ecotourism Park | La Vallee des Couleurs ParkBefore the activity you will receive a briefing about security precautions that you will need to follow to ensure not only your security but also for others performing the zipline. You will be under the constant supervision of experts ready to intervene if by any chance something goes wrong, so all you need to be responsible for is to sit back and enjoy.

Quad Biking

Start your day with the ultimate off-road driving experience the island has to offer; Quad Biking. Embark on this motorised adventure in a park that covers 250 hectares, home to over a wide variety of animals such as camels, tortoises, deers, hippopotamus, giraffes and more.Driving a quad is really easy. What is less easy is to negotiate the rugged fields of safari type of tracks and off-road obstacles full of mud mounds, twists, turns, streams, ditches and fast straights. But don’t worry, this activity comes with a comprehensive training to get you ready for the obstacles of the track so your can have fun. Furthermore, you will be accompanied by a group of experts which will take all the measures necessary to ensure your complete safety, so that you are able to make the most out of your adventure without any worries.However you need to take note that the driver of the quad has to be of age at least 16 years however kids of age 12 and taller than 135 cm can be seated behind the driver to enjoy the ride. These measures are put in place for your own safety and wellbeing during the ride.

Submarine Excursion

How about exploring the submarine ecosystem in the comfort of a submarine? This is the thing to do if you want to enjoy a diving like experience with kids. We will take you 115 feet below to explore the depths of the Indian Ocean. Be prepared to get immersed in the spectacular deep blue decor home to amidst schools of fish.This underwater excursion is also an opportunity to feel connected to the ocean. As the submarine makes its way to the seabed, you’ll be able to contemplate at some impressive shipwrecks and observe some of the rarest fish and coral species in the world.If you are simply searching for a calm and peaceful activity which does not require much physical exertion or prowess, while at the same time being able to observe the fauna and flora of the deep waters, submarine diving is the most perfect thing for you.This excursion is operated by Blue Safari Submarine which has to date conducted more than twelve thousand dives. This ultimate submarine experience is awesome for kids, adults and elderlies alike. At the end of the dive, you will even be given a diving certificate signed by the pilot.


Have you ever seen Iron Man, and told yourself, damn I would love to fly like that one day. Wait no further, Mauritius is able to even satisfy that desire. Fly boarding is a sport during which you wear a suit and are propelled into the air, as water is pushed down from your suit providing the required force.If you are looking for one extreme watersport to do in Mauritius, flyboarding is the way to go. Being a rather recent sport, it is not yet so widely known but is still one of the best and most exciting aquatic activities offered on the island. You are guaranteed maximum sensations and fun. Flyboarding is operated in Grand Baie.With the help of an expert, this tandem flight lasts for only around 10 minutes. But they can easily be the most exciting 10 minutes of your life. In the crystal clear lagoon of Grand Baie, you can fly like Ironman and plunge like a bottlenose dolphin. Although this is rather risky sport, you will be under constant supervision, so you have no worries for your safety.This activity is available for those aged 5 and above and is not recommended for those with heart problems.

Safari excursion

Mauritius does not only provide its tourists with entertainment, relaxation and fun in the form of the beautiful beaches lying on its cost but also many other famous and amazing attractions, one of the most popular one being safari which is available in the west of the island near the village of Flic en Flac.For many visitors, this is the best thing to do with children in Mauritius. As the Safari begins, open your eyes wide as you can because it won’t take long to notice wild animals crossing in front of you. The safari excursion can be done in many ways. You can discover the vastness of the park on a quad, electric bike or even on an off-road safari Segway.Numerous other activities like animal feeding and interactions as well as even petting the animals which include zebras, animals and even tigers can be done in the safari. More than other trips and excursions in Mauritius, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes, light clothing, sunglasses and bring a lot of water. You will constantly be under the supervision of experts which will be ready to step in if ever there is any danger, so that you have no reason to worry about your safety. Don’t forget your camera for some of the wildest clicks you’ll ever have!


Unbeknownst to many tourists, Mauritius hides behind the veil of a peaceful and serene paradisiac island, a face of excitement and adventure, spear headed by the kite surfing industry which thrives so strongly on the island. Mauritius is not only the island of beautiful sandy beaches and calm azure lagoons but is also a capital throughout the world for kitesurfing. Both the calm waters in the lagoon and the rough wavy waters beyond the coral reefs make Mauritius the perfect kite surfing spot, not only for the experienced but as well as for the newbies.Kite surfing is available at various beaches scattered across the island, but the perfect area for this aquatic activity is undeniably Le Morne beach, found in the south east of the island. Lying under the gaze of the majestically beautiful Le Morne mountain, this beach has just the right conditions for any level of kite surfing and the mountain as well as the white beaches, create a picture perfect view for you as you go on your adventure. During the whole process, you will be under the close supervision of experts to ensure your full safety.


Geared with numerous natural green areas and forest, Mauritius is home to a plethora of species of birds, effectively making the island an essential visit for many experienced birders. Sticking to the endemics, Mauritius houses 9 different species such as the pink pigeon and the Mauritius Kestrel. Years ago, in the 1950s these 2 species found themselves on the brink of extinction, with the Mauritius Parakeet’s population being cut down to a mere 4 individuals. Since then, breeding efforts have increased the number considerably, although the job is yet to be completed.Some of the most popular places to feast your eyes on these majestic flying creatures are the lush green forests scattered across the islands which acts not only as National Parks but as the habitats of these endemic and beautiful birds along with other endemic plants and trees. Seek the help of a guide to be able to identify and properly observe the unique fauna and flora of the island, as he will be able to point you to the most optimal areas. Several recommended areas to satisfy your bird watching needs are:Bras d’Eau National Park | Black River Gorge National Park | Ile Aux AigrettesLearn more about birdwatching in Mauritius here:


You probably must have already heard a lot about how Mauritius is one of the best places for water sports but you yet have a vague idea of the amount of fun awaiting you on these water adventures offered by the island. The most nerve wrecking and adrenaline pumping one of them all is most probably the Water Ski. Get on the ski and experience the time of your life, as your heart pumps blood at an unbelievable rate throughout your body due to the extreme excitement of the sheer speed you’ll be cruising at.Water Ski is available at various beaches across the island and is offered by many companies as part of a water sport package or even individually. It is highly recommended to possess at least basic swimming skills before attempting this activity as the need to swim in relatively deep waters might arise. Additionally, the activity is only available to those aged 6 and upwards. An experienced team of water skiers and swimmers are given to your disposal to assure your safety in any way possible so that you can focus solely on enjoying and making the most out of your adventure.


Although Mauritius might seem a perfect place for one to frolic and relax about, the popularly marketed images of calm, pristine and shiny beaches hide a gargantuan amount of fun and risky activities for those brave enough to attempt, one of the most challenging ones being surfing. Although surfing conditions on regular on the beaches of Mauritius, some of them where they are totally absent, a few select beaches offer challenging waves which only the most courageous and experienced can ride.The best surfing spot in Mauritius where the surfing conditions are the most common is the Tamarin beach, which has been reputed as one of the best surfing spots in the world, provided that the waves comply. Surfing is also frequently practiced on the Morne beach where a break in the coral reef provide for beautiful rideable waves. If you are interested in the idea of surfing but are inexperienced, there are a few surfing schools in Mauritius which might just be what you need


Among the various other activities offered by the island, exists also Hunting. Having 2 huge hunting grounds, the island is a popular spot for those wanting to spend a holiday and at the same time satisfy their hobby of hunting. There is a variety of game to be found in these estates protected by lush and thick forests, but the most commonly hunted one is the deer. After the hunt, you can even dine on the kill of the day.There are 2 types of hunting available in Mauritius, the driven hunt during which you are accompanied by 40 other Mauritian hunters, about a hundred hunting dogs and around 40 beaters, and the stalk and hunt during which you will be provided with a rifle and a bow. These hunting packages do not only provide the hunt but also accommodations and catering so as to make your experience the most pleasant and fun possible.During the whole of your hunting, you will be accompanied by someone who is familiar with the grounds and the hunting areas in order to ease the experience so that you can have the most fun possible.

Getting married on the beach

Because why not? After all, every wedding is unique. Why not say ‘Yes I do’ in the most romantic setting ever on the literal heaven on earth; on the beach? In Mauritius, this is a dream that can easily come true. Numerous hotels around the island already offer fabulous wedding organisation services. Every care is taken to make the day the most magical and unforgettable one of your life and various services are offered according to your budget to pamper you at the utmost possible for the Day. What can be more perfect than this.From your dream white dress, ceremony preparation, and capturing this memorable time of your life, everything is sorted out. Your only responsibility on this day, would be to say “Yes, I do” as you stare lovingly in the eyes of the one you love the most.More information:To plan your wedding in Mauritius, the following documents are needed (in English):> Birth certificates> Copies of the first 3 pages of both passports> Application Form of Non Citizens> If divorced: divorce decree> If widowed: death certificateYou can learn more about getting married in Mauritius here.

Undersea Walk

Do you want to discover the seabed? No more trouble knowing how to swim, you just have to walk. This activity known as ‘undersea walk’ is safe and accessible for children over 7 years old. Discover with pleasure the seabed of Mauritius with an extraordinary ride to the bottom of the sea.The activity lasts only an hour but an hour of intense pleasure because the underwater beauty is breathtaking. fish of all colors, starfish and other species that form part of this coral ecosystem.With the hard hat diving system which will provide you with oxygen, you can breathe underwater with your head dry. As soon as the special helmet is attached, a descent into the seabed begins. Raise your head and you will see a bluish gleam, enough to believe in paradise. If you don’t see any fish, don’t worry, they will scroll past one after the other and go around you as soon as you are on the seafloor. Surrounded by this incredible environment, you will have this intoxicating feeling of being one with the marine world.For more security and to know the nooks and crannies of the site, you will be accompanied by a qualified dive instructor. One of the best places for this activity in Mauritius is Belle Mare beach because it has a rich marine ecosystem, translucent, shallow and very pleasant water.

Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddleboarding is a recent nautical activity. It is very popular with young people because it is easy to access, fun and appeals to athletes and family alike.If you are looking for a change of scenery and escape, the stand up paddle with a sumptuous decor and setting of one of the paradise beaches of the island is the activity for you. Mauritius offers several perfect and unavoidable paddle spots because of its countless exotic treasures that you will discover through crystal clear water and a shallow lagoon protected by a reef. You will see starfish, coral fish and if you are lucky enough, turtles and the blue of the water will make you want to jump in the water and surround yourself with the marine environment that your eyes feast upon.How to do this activity? All you need is a stable board corresponding to your gabaris and your ride, a paddle and good weather. Paddle on the waves and discover the unsuspected riches of Mauritius. Treat yourself to this unforgettable ride on the water by clicking here and admire the coast from the sea or keep your eyes on the horizon and this vast expanse of turquoise water.

Take a cooking class

Sometimes, being a tourist, visiting the entirety of the island, conversing with numerous locals, living the serene and peaceful life of the villages, does not end up fulfilling your desire to experience the culture of a country. At its core, the culture of any location in the world is made up fundamentally of the food typical to that location, and what better way to experience the culture of Mauritius than actually cooking Mauritian dishes yourself. Jump into the world of local spices, herbs and fresh produce, and prepare a typical creole dish.Several cooking courses are available all over the island. Sometimes, even hotels such as Lux resorts offer culinary classes. Chef Sandy is also a highly recommended place to learn how to prepare local meals in a friendly and supportive environment.

Scuba Diving

The luxuriant vegetation of Mauritius corresponds to its underwater richness. The island surrounded by its 350 km of coastline has all the assets for diving enthusiasts:pleasant weather, an ideal temperature,incredible fauna drowned in vast crystal clear waters. Mauritius which can be visited all year round has made it a destination of choice for divers.Provided with diving equipment and accompanied by a professional diver,dive into this fabulous world and let yourself be taken in the coral reefs that host and feed different species that are gradually revealed along, a world of varied shapes and colors. These coastal reefs which protect the lagoons by absorbing the waves are underwater structures built by corals which themselves are marine animals living in symbiosis with algae, worms, starfish, crustaceans and fish. This more or less peaceful cohabitation is possible because each species occupies a particular ecological niche. The underwater landscapes created by coral reefs and the species that inhabit them are among the most varied and spectacular in the world.Do not hesitate to discover the perfect balance between flora and fauna in our seas. It will be a unique experience undeniably rich in emotions that will mark your stay in Mauritius or your life if you are a nature lover.To ensure an unprecedented experience, the diving centers combine pleasure, safety and professionalism,all in one. The untouched dive sites are found all around the island,but the most popular are found in the west and the north.Some famous dive sites include:Le MorneGrand BaieFlic en FlacTrou aux bichesNorthern Island

Street food tasting

“Heaven on earth”. Many argue that Mauritius has earned this title not solely by the virtue of the majestically beautiful beaches which it possesses but also the huge deluge of street food which it offers. Being a country of many cultures, the street foods in Mauritius can be said to be the most diverse of any country in the world. Ranging from indian snacks to chinese noodles and creole flavours, the street food available in Mauritius puts to shame those of other countries.Prepared by experts who have been handling their ingredients with years of practice, get ready to treat your taste buds with popular foods such as Dal Puri which is a kind of bread made with lentils, Samosa which is a potato stuffed snack, Chana puri which is fried condiment and without forgetting the locally beloved Pineapple salad accompanied with the bursts of flavours from sea salt and powdered chilli.

Learn to dance Sega

The Mauritian sega is a dance originating from African slaves and today it has become the Mauritian signature.If you are not the type to rest on your pillows but you prefer rather a physical activity, join a course of Mauritian sega where you will be intoxicated by this collective dynamic that exists when dancing the mauritian sega. The dance itself is an activity that we use to express ourselves, seduce or just have fun and now imagine the sega. What could be better than learning it during your vacation? Let yourself be carried away by this exciting air.The dance floor is not far away when you know the basics of sega: sliding your feet on the ground without ever lifting them and this is enough to ignite the dance floor.


Other than pristine and calm beaches, lush green forests and a calm environment, Mauritius also does offer a few rather exciting and adrenaline rushing activities, one of the most special ones being rafting. The majestic mountains and steeply flowing rivers make a perfect place to enjoy a risky and blood rushing activity like rafting.The best place of rafting in Mauritius is the Black River Gorges National Park, as being equipped with numerous waterfalls and canyons, the national park attracts many seeking the excitement of this sport. Discover the caves and creaks of the park as you enjoy the thrill of the ride in a safe and supervised environment.

Cultural tour

Mauritius is a unique country, in that it is highly multicultural, sprinkled with people of different religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds and upbringings, ethnicities and race, all living together peacefully on the same island, this is indeed a special charm that Mauritius possesses which attracts many people who want to come and experience this marvel.As a result of the variety in the culture, there exists many areas in Mauritius which has much cultural significance due to what happened there in the past. Many travel tours offer you tours to these spots where you are given the opportunity to experience first hand the culture of the island. It is by being a spectator of these moments that you really start to take hold of Mauritian life.Some of the most popular cultural places are:The Apravasi Ghat, which is the landing spot of the Indian indentured labourers brought to Mauritius during the British rule of island to work in the sugar cane fieldsLe Morne Brabant which was a popular hide out spot for the slaves during the French rules. Slaves would escape the whips of their masters and seek shelter in the caves of the Morne Brabant mountains. Many, which were on the brim of capture, committed suicide by jumping of the mountain. Climb the treacherous slopes that the marooned slaves once climbed.


Mauritius is sprinkled with a large number of water bodies, which hugely favours an activity like Kayaking, effectively making the island a must stop for any Kayaking enthusiast. The calm and crystal-clear lagoons, mangroves infested waters, rivers, waterfalls and cliffs all provide areas where you are given the chance to kayak while at the same time discovering the marvels which finds a home on the island. Many touring or water sports companies offer Kayaking to its customers in various different locations.If you are only searching to spend some time relaxing as you slowly marvel at the calmness and beauty of nature, it is best to select kayaking in locations such as the lagoons as these are the calmest water bodies and make for an easy kayaking experience. If on the other hand you are searching for an adrenaline pump, choose to go kayaking in the rivers and waterfalls where the steepness of the descent is sure to make your blood rush. Do not have any worries for your safety during the whole process you will be under the supervision of a trained and experienced individual which will do all the necessities to ensure your utmost safety.

Yoga, Meditation & Spa

Those who come to visit Mauritius are here to sit back, relax and take in the warm humid air of the pearly magnificent beaches and azure blue lagoons. But not known to many, yet extremely beloved, there is another way to be pampered aside from swimming in the calm lagoon or sunbathing on the soft sands, in the form of spa, meditation or yoga.There are numerous spas available all over the island, in your own hotel or separately branched, all equipped with state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced staff who are just waiting to tend to you and remove any stress left over from hectic life before your vacation, so you can leave Mauritius refreshed and anew. Spas in Mauritius is a different and unique experience which can needs to be experienced to understand its huge benefits. Some of the best spas in Mauritius are;Seven Colours SpaRoyal Palm’s SpaIridium Spa St RegisChamarel SpaYoga courses might be available in the hotel you are residing at and can also be found at several other places in the country. Taking yoga courses during your holiday on the island is an out of the ordinary experience as you will be learning new and varied forms of yoga and meditation you might never even have heard of together with other like-minded tourists.Furthermore, the serene and tranquil atmosphere which presides on most of the island makes it perfect for activities such as yoga and meditation. Some popular places to follow yoga courses are Shanti Mauritius found in the south of the island or The Pilates and Yoga Studio in Ebene or Tamarin.

Sub-scooter riding

For those searching for an easy and relaxing activity during which they can stare at the treasures of nature lying deep below the calm waters of Mauritius, sub scooter riding is the answer for you. Take on this 2-seater underwater scooter and pilot yourself James Bond style as you delve in the lagoons of Mauritius with a partner and observe the beautiful fish and corals which occupy the waters. During the activity you share an air bubble with your partner and also have a 360-degree view of your surroundings.A team of experienced personnel is at your disposal to ensure your safety during the activity, so that you can enjoy the moment at the utmost without any fear. Additionally, due to its safe nature sub scooter riding does not require you to have any experience in swimming. You will be provided with essential equipment such as life suit but you are advised to bring a swimsuit and towel. Note that the activity is for ages 8 and up and you need to be at least 16 years of age for being able to be the pilot of the scooter.

Island hopping

Defined as travelling as one island to another in a group of small islands as a tourist, island hopping is an extremely popular and beloved activity amongst both foreigners and locals. The small islands surrounding Mauritius are essentially similar to Mauritius in many aspects, the only difference being they are untouched and, in most cases, natural. Take a speed boat to arrive there quickly or a Catamaran to relax and take your time till there, whatever your choice may be, you are sure to stand in awe of the sheer beauty of nature found on these little islands.Some of the most popular islands are;Ile aux Cerfs Found on the east coast of Mauritius, this lusciously green island is famous amongst many tourists for its beautiful sandy beaches and sport activities available there.Ile aux Aigrettes An islet located on the south east of the island, it functions simultaneously as a nature reserve for the fauna and flora, a scientific research stations as well as a rather popular tourist attraction.Ile aux Benitiers Lying at the South West of the island facing Le Morne mountain, this stretch of land is famous for its peculiar looking structure which attracts so many tourists. Additionally, the beautiful beaches and wonderful views, make the islet a must visit.

Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise

Many choose Mauritius as their dream destination for their honeymoons, some of them even more than once. Mauritius has a certain romantic flair, which is difficult to describe in words but needs to be experienced to be understood. The set of magnificent white sandy beaches contrasted by the azure lagoons, the clear blue sky, the beautiful sunrise and those heavenly beautiful sunsets are just a few of the romantic things which make Mauritius such an important spot for the romantics. One of the most romantic activities in Mauritius is a sunset cruise.Book a Catamaran cruise for you and your partner and island hop to the various different beautiful islets surrounding the island, alone with your significant other. Start at the break of dawn, and end the day as you dine on the deck over a calm sea, a glass of wine in your hand, and your eyes on the love of your life, as the sun sets and witnesses your love for each other. What can ever be so romantic as that.Different cruise routes are available which go through different islands but it is obviously the best idea to take the routes on the west to get the best experience of the sunset.

Enjoy nightlife

It might be hard to imagine that a little further away from the beautiful sandy beaches and blue waters which Mauritius is so well reputed for, where people come to laze about and relax, lies several clubs and restaurants which contribute in the surprisingly amazing and exciting nightlife in Mauritius.If you ever have energy left after all the visiting and activities during the day and simply searching to have some more fun, Mauritius stands ready to provide; several amazing clubs, where a chill ambience has been set and good foods as wells as drinks are being served, are just waiting for you. Some of the most popular nightlife locations on the island are;Fifty-Five Lounge ClubLocated in the north of Mauritius at Grand Baie, this well reputed night club serves both who want to start their night early and those whose night starts a little later. Awesomely decorated with vibrant colours, amazing food and good music make this club a must visit.Kenzi BarSituated just across the beach of Flic en Flac in the west of the island, Kenzi bar offers such a chill and laid-back atmosphere to its customers, which has made many fans of this bar throughout the years.Big Willy’sOne of the first bars in the area, Big Willy is an extremely popular spot, situated in the west of the island at Tamarin, for both locals and tourists. Equipped with 3 huge screens, viewings of many popular matches are also done there.

Rum and beer tasting

Mauritius is subtly known worldwide for the amazing liquor it produces and exports with most of them being the rum made starting with the famous crop of Mauritius, the sugar cane. Visit the Rhumerie de Chamarel which is one of the rare distilleries still operational in Mauritius where they start cultivating sugar cane for the sole purpose of preparing their delicious rum which you are even given the chance to taste during the guided tour. Found near the 7-coloured earth of Chamarel, the Rhumerie de Chamarel is a very popular stop for many tourists.Apart from the amazing rum made in Mauritius, the island also has a locally produced beer, called Phoenix beer, which is extremely popular not only over the island but also has a good reputation overseas. This malt drink is the favourite of many locals and even becomes the favourite of tourists who taste it’s wonderful refreshingly chill flavour. You also get the chance to have a guided tour through the beer factory at Phoenix, to witness first hand the preparation of this world famous beer.

Glass-bottom boat trips

A glass bottom boat is a boat which has a transparent deck, allowing people to clearly see what lies directly beneath the boat. A glass bottom boat trip is a family friendly, easy and relaxing trip which involves you being in a boat on the grounds of the Blue Bay Marine park which is a nature reserve for aquatic plants and animals. The trip allows you to observe and marvel at the huge variety of fish and plants which lie on the lagoon’s floor several metres away from the shore.You just need to sit back comfortably and relax as the guide shows and explains to you all the different species you will be observing through the glass door. You even have the option, once you reach a favourable spot, to jump out of the boat in order to free dive or snorkel around the clear waters of the Blue Bay lagoon, so as to watch the fish from a closer point of view. Available for people of all ages, this simply and safe activity is found on the to do lists of many tourists and it sure deserves a place on yours too.

Enjoy a romantic beach dinner

For those who have come to enjoy the pearly white beaches and azure waters of Mauritius with only their significant other as travel partner, for a get away between lovers or even their honeymoon, the island and different hotels/ restaurants, offer various services to fulfil any of your romantic needs, with a very popular one being a romantic beach dinner. What can ever be as beautiful as being seated with soft sand in your toes, a beautiful setting sun at your side and the love of your life in front of you, as you feast upon culinary marvels.Discover this whole other world of romance, as you are treated like royalty from the staff compromising of chefs and waiters, here to attend to any of your needs. Watch the pink sky as the sun sets holding the hand of your partner, while waiting for your food and sipping on amazing tasting wine. You are sure to make unforgettable moments and experiences with the company of the most important person in your life, which you cherish and reminiscence till the end of your life. After this, you will find yourself claiming Mauritius to be the most romantic place on earth.

Leisure parks and botanical gardens

Mauritius does not only provide fun in the form of its pearly sandy beaches and clear blue waters but sometimes also in the form of leisure parks and botanical gardens, of which there are various sprinkled over the island. Among the various leisure parks found here, the most popular are:Animal parks such as Casela Nature Park,La Vanille Nature Park and the Mauritius Aquarium.The last 2 parks are entirely devoted to reptiles and fish. Their role is to educate the youngest on the conservation and the threats which weigh on our environment, There is no age to discover the animals of the region and besides, chat with the parrots and admire the fish .In Casela Nature park, the amalgam of zoos and adventure attracts several tourists thousands of tourists.Put on your sneakers and off you go for an adrenaline-packed adventure. From segway to ziplining or the famous toboggan called Tulawaka. Keep your breath because the park is not out of surprises with its 1500 different species of mammals or reptiles. You want to have more proximity to large mammals, try walking with lions or take a look at the packages and choose the one that suits you best.Botanical garden Pamplemousses SSR Botanical Garden and Curepipe Botanic Garden.Juxtaposed with the capital, the SSR Botanical garden was opened by the French governor of Mauritius, Mahe de Labourdonnais 300 years ago. The garden of several square meters contains more than 600 species of plants including baobabs, water lilies, certain endemic plants, several medicinal plants and a spice garden which holds the spices that Pierre Poivre himself selected.Curepipe Botanic garden holds the world’s rarest palm tree. It is the only one remaining in the whole world and any cross-pollination trial has failed. A great conservation work is going on behind the scenes to save this palm tree.Adventure parks such as Splash n fun.It’s the children’s favorite park and the place to have fun with your family. Numerous slides,water jets here and there,an adult pool and a wave pool for the whole family’s fun.

Whale Watching

After a very long journey, the humpback whales come to refuel off our coast. These migrating whales cover many kilometers throughout the year and the reason for this trip? Find krill, crustaceans on which they feed. During the winter, they leave the poles and travel to the warmer regions near the equator to meet the large males that have been waiting for them from March to November.Towards the month of June, which falls short in the breeding season, the male humpback whales come close to our sides and sing to seduce the females. Other techniques of seduction include impressive jumps of these gigantic mammals.In addition to mating, some whales reside in the south or west of the island throughout the year.To contemplate these mammals, stand up in the wee hours (all activity with the cetaceans ends at noon) and join the boat which will take you offshore for this unforgettable encounter. To be sure to meet whales, find out more about where and when it will be best for this activity.Once there, the whales will do their show for you and not to miss a crumb of this majestic spectacle, go kayaking from the boat. But beware, these marine animals are very sensitive, be respectful and do not stress them.