Welcome to the heavenly Island of Mauritius.

There are plenty of reasons why Mauritius is recognized as one of the most popular destinations in the Indian Ocean. Our beautiful volcanic island is blessed with white sandy beaches, warm turquoise water, palm trees and vast tracts of sugarcane fields.

We take great pride in the history, culture, cuisine and all the beauty that surrounds us in paradise, and we love sharing it with others. There are several wonderful opportunities for amazing sightseeing, relaxing, shopping and enjoying oneself in our beautiful tropical island.

Our years of experience in the tourism industry allowed us to put it all together to ensure you experience the maximum and leave our homeland with a positive and long lasting memories. We are confident that you will find useful information on experiences available to you on our website and hope during your stay you are able to expertise as much of this variety altogether with traditions, people and our one and only cuisine.

Feel free to ask us about short tours and excursions and also chat with out team so we can help out with some must try recommendations.

We wish you a wonderful, enjoyable and memorable stay with us in Paradise.

Avi Gopaul

Our Team

Avi Gopaul - Founder & CEO

We live it. You will love it! Come and experience it all and take back home some great memories that you will treasure forever.


Happiness is not about the big things.. Its all the little things put together.. All of our tours are crafted with love to ensure your best experience.


Enjoying the sound of crashing waves, the smell of salt air, and the sand between your feet makes the ultimate vacation in Mauritius.


Great holidays starts with great people. You don't need to worry about a thing, it’s all taken care of from the moment you arrive.

Our Aim

To ensure you experience the very best of Mauritius

We believe that a perfect holiday comes with a perfect plan. Each one of us want to have the best experience when travelling to a new place and love to create the perfect holiday. Even more exciting than our past experiences. We do too!

Our experts have gathered together a list of excursions and activities you can experience during your stay that offers complete freedom and absolutely no stress. There is something for everyone, from those who want to learn more about the history and culture or try out a world of water sports and hiking or just simply lounge on the beach perfecting the ideal tan.

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